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Whilst on a trip to yet some P>rie from dwarves in Loch Aodan, I came across a small cave Sunlight was shining through the cave from the other end, which made me thirty it might turn out to be a nice shortcut. All I could see though, wcis a valley with a small la he.Clifford I mxford weis mu name.I
v\u feet felt numb and as I lifted one of mu legs,I noticed that mu toes and feet were changing into something... bizarre.I felt the changes creeping along mu whole bodu.'\u bodu became lighter and more petite as mu muscles diminished while I turned around in pain.I could feel mu thighs and butt
A powerful throbbing sensation began to spread out from the on hi remaining part of mu former bodu...vSuddenlu, I was caught off guard bu a fierce orgasm, which made me realize that I was moments awau from losing mumanhood.neededtobitrestjustforaExhausted Ixi the change I was luing in the water. It


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